O Dearest Jesus

Johann Cruger / Johann Heermann

Score in Gm
Score in Fm
MIDI in Gm
MIDI in Fm
MP3 recording Live from the board at Faith Lincoln 16 March 2005
MP3 recording faster tempo, Em for easier singing - 2009

Comments: For Lent of 2005 I was concentrating on writing a new Lenten song titled "Still Today" when I turned my attention instead to this hymn and began improvising this arrangement. The heart-brokenness of these words came to life with a more lyrical treatment and I worked hard to get the improvised piano part down on paper. Our singers took up the challenge of harmonizing these altered chords with amazing, and aching, effectiveness. I hope this blesses you as much as it has me.

Note that the G minor is the key in "Lutheran Worship", but at this slow tempo holding out those high notes turned out to be tough for our female vocalists, hence the transposition to F minor. Also, with the slower tempo and extra material between verses, seven verses makes for a very long song; all the verses have excellent words, you'll have to make your own choices which you want to include.

Addendum: in 2009 I added the additional demo in Em and a brisker tempo, intended to make this more usable for congregational singing.