The Church's One Foundation

Lutheran Worship #289
Text: Samuel J. Stone 1839-1900
Tune: "AURELIA", Samuel S. Wesley, 1810-76
Alternative Hymns: Lutheran Worship 251 "O Father, All Creating"; 
Lutheran Worship 260 "Lord of the Living Harvest"
MP3 Live at Faith 2006

Comments: Nathan Weinhold, who plays drums and keyboards and produces studio recordings for One Accord, has a terrific flowing, improvisational keyboard approach to hymns and songs. His rendition of "The Church's One Foundation" is great and just recently (2006) I managed to post a good live recording of Nate leading this song above.

The score included is NOT a reproduction of Nathan's arrangement and even has different chords in places but it was inspired by it and tries to capture the "feel" of what Nate does.