Today Your Mercy Calls Us

Lutheran Worship 347
Text: Oswald Allen, 1816-78, alt.
Tune: "ANTHES" , J.A. Anthes, 1789-1842
Alternative Hymns: Lutheran Worship 345, "Come Unto Me, Ye Weary"

MP3 recording live from board, FLC June 5, 2005
MP3 recording Live "Come Unto Me Ye Weary"

Comments: The words to this hymn have such a sweet yearning and powerful invitation to them, and this arrangement replaces the four-square march of the original song with a sweeter, lingering feel. We often trade the verses off between our singers and encourage them to take interpretive liberties when it's their turn.

The alternative hymn for this melody is also gorgeous and we caught a recording of that recently.