Praise Songs

This collection is drawn from the songs developed with the Faith Lutheran praise band "One Accord" for use in Sunday worship, beginning in about 1999. This was a very productive songwriting time for me, not just in the number of songs that emerged during this period but also in the kind of songs I found. When I was willing to use even the simplest ideas for words and music, I found something I had always admired from other musicians: songs that are work for congregational worship, either as "hymns" or as shorter liturgical choruses. Some of these began as heartfelt snatches of prayer that I would sing quietly to myself.

There have been a lot of other songs that I shared with our band and congregation in this time, some of them deeply personal, and the awesome musicians, and close friends, in the band have breathed life and soul into such songs. These particular songs, though, I've collected because of their suitability for use in group worship

A comment, too: being willing to use my simpler song impulses also means it's very likely that some of these songs have echoes of other songs you know. A lifetime of listening to music means that my "spontaneous" melodies are likely to consist of "quotes" from my mental library of music. It helped my musical productivity immensely to acknowledge this and not worry about it, as long as I wasn't appropriating a wholesale section of another's song. (Which sometimes happened.)

I am making these songs available under terms that encourage free distribution and use. I'm only asking that copyright information is maintained; that lyrics remain unaltered; and that these songs are not distributed in published songbooks, collections, or sound recordings without my permission.